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Snr. Civil Inspection Engineer

رمز الوظيفة
تاريخ الاعلان
May 13, 2019
آخر موعد
May 29, 2019
إسم الشركة
Oman Liquefied Natural Gas
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نوع الوظيفة
أدخل الجنسية
المؤهل ، والخبرات المطلوبة

الوصف الوظيفي

Safeguard the integrity of all civil assets of Oman LNG Plant by maintaining concrete, steel and timber structure in good workable condition, ensuring that hot and cold insulation on equipment and piping systems are maintained in optimal condition to avoid Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), and ensuring that coating of plant equipment and piping are maintained in optimal condition.

1.  Ensure that mechanical and civil equipment and structures, both new and existing, comply with company and regulatory inspection, testing and design code requirements.
2.  Develop and manage the civil RCM program that forms the basis of the civil reliability centred management.
3.  Manage the civil defect elimination program, ensuring all medium and high criticality incidents are adequately investigated, corrective measures identified and implemented and the effectiveness of these measures confirmed.
4.  Ensure inspection of all civil main critical assets (such as LNG & Condensate storage tanks, Weir boxes, and furnaces) on a periodic basis.
5.  Maintain and inspect buildings’ structural elements in stipulated frequencies.
6.  Support the projects department with civil design, engineering and QA/QC support as required and ensure that all aspects of change control are well managed.
7.  Establish an annual civil operating budget as part of the Section budget. Manage the budget and justify deviations.
8.  Ensure that coating systems are maintained in a fit for purpose condition to avoid external corrosion. Recommend and inspect all kind of coating and painting applications within the plant in such as pipelines, vessels, and columns.
9.  Plan inspection repairs for fender systems, steel piles, steel beams and concrete beams, and deck slabs for both jetties LNG & MOF.
10.  Ensure that heat resistant liners of combustion equipment, e.g. furnaces, gas turbines, exhaust stacks, are maintained in fit for purpose condition.
11.  Recommend and inspect all fireproof material for the protection of steel structure.
12.  Ensure that hot and cold insulation on equipment and piping systems are maintained in optimal condition to avoid Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI).
13.  Provide advice to other disciplines on an ad hoc basis. Act as the curator of inspection data and history, providing transparent access to all.
14.  Lead/involve in incident investigation (RCA) related to inspection and degradation mechanism for civil incidents.
15.  Develop civil inspection plan as per plant outage / shutdown and execute all civil inspection activities within set time frame. Establish civil inspection report / repair details of individual civil assets, static equipment and pipeline at Oman LNG to maintain history for future reference and for reference to all other Department personnel.
16.  Prepare detailed Inspection reports with short / long term Repair / Replacement, Material inward inspection. Review the data acquired from testing all the equipment and structures, determining the best course of action for maintenance routines and procedures.
17.  Communicate with maintenance and inspection teams, providing updates on the outcomes of their work in addition to plans for future inspections.
18.  Coach and transfer civil knowledge and experience to the Mechanical Inspectors to improve their Civil inspection competencies.
19.  Coach and transfer knowledge and skills to subordinates. 

المهارات المطلوبة

1. B. Sc. In Civil engineering with 2 - 5 years of experience or Diploma in Civil Engineering with 8 - 10 years of relevant plant inspection experience
2. Relevant oil and gas industry experience is preferred

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