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Instrument and Control Engineer

رمز الوظيفة
تاريخ الاعلان
May 09, 2019
آخر موعد
May 23, 2019
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الوصف الوظيفي

Provides I&C expertise to other teams by performing and reviewing complex, or non-routine I&C calculations and analyses. (Comment: Relevant teams include Projects & Mods, IM, Maintenance, Programme Execution.)
Provides I&C expertise to MoCs and to brownfield projects and modifications. (Comment: Relevant support activities involve regulatory compliance, deviations from technical practice/specifications, design reviews, procurement support for complex packages, life cycle operability, Category Management and SQM activities.)
Provides I&C expertise to hazard identification and risk assessment processes. (Comment: Relevant hazard identification and risk assessment processes include MoCs, HAZOPs, LOPAs, HAZIDs, Human Factors Analysis, What-Ifs, Vulnerability studies, Bow-ties and Risk Action Plans.)
Provides I&C expertise in performing incident investigations (IRIS) and defect investigations (OPTIMA).
Provides I&C expertise to ensure that cyber security risk controls are in place on all regional automation systems and that associated barriers are proactively managed.
Responsible for monitoring and performance of the management devices in region. Identifies measurement gaps, develops and implements corrective plans.
Ensures that the inspection, testing, maintenance and condition monitoring tasks in CMMS and Operator Workbench are aligned with the technical intent of Equipment Strategies. (Comment: Special attention should be given towards achieving and maintaining the necessary performance and accuracy of hydrocarbon measurement/metering equipment.)
Develops and updates the technical content of Equipment Strategies based on equipment performance feedback and performs periodic review of CMMS and Operator Workbench effectiveness. (Comment: Relevant equipment performance feedback includes inspection, testing and maintenance data, KPIs, condition monitoring data, equipment MoC and findings from defect investigations.)
Performs reliability analysis for instrument and control equipment using surveillance, maintenance and condition monitoring data, and trends performance metrics.
Provides I&C expertise to delivery of regional actions. Leads on resolution of complex, multi-discipline technical issues where the dominant component is instrumentation and control equipment. (Comment: Relevant sources of actions include HAZOP/LOPA, HVLs, Learning Alerts/Bulletins, Audit findings, IRIS/Traction, RAP, F4S, MoC, OPTIMA and engineering studies.)
Records relevant learnings in shared learning systems, incorporates into local activities and escalates high priority lessons.

المهارات المطلوبة

Min. 10 years' experience and technical understanding of engineering, maintenance and operation of instrumentation and control equipment in oil & gas processing facilities.
Knowledge of governing codes, industry standards and local regulations relevant to instrumentation and control engineering, and proven ability in practical application of engineering standards and practices for instrumentation and control equipment.

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